'Out of space', banks will not acknowledge coins from Shirdi Temple

The iconic Shirdi Temple, known for its spiritual significance and immense popularity, is facing an unexpected hurdle - banks refusing to accept the large number of coins offered by devotees. Lakhs of rupees gave at the Shirdi Sai baba Temple NASHIK, are in coins.

Presently, The Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust (SSST) is confronted with a difficult issue of plenty, as even banks are attempting to oblige these coins kept by the trust.

'Out of space', banks will not acknowledge coins from Shirdi Temple

The trust has accounts in 13 different branches of various state-possessed banks. Twelve of them are in the Temple area alone, and one is in Nashik.

At present, this large number of banks all in all hold about Rs 11 crore of SSST cash as coins (Mind boggling, isn't it? :)).

Four state-possessed banks in Shirdi have now quit taking coins because of space crunch, Rahul Jadhav, the Chief of the trust, said. 

"Authorities of these four banks said they have no space to keep the coins they get consistently. This is a major issue for the trust," Jadhav added.

The trust will currently compose straightforwardly to the RBI looking for its mediation.

"At the same time, we have chosen to move toward banks in different areas of Ahmednagar region, as well as the state, to help us. We will open records of the confidence in such banks, so that coins can be kept there," Jadhav further added.

The month to month assortment as coins - from 50 paise to Rs 10 section - is near Rs 28 lakh. Each bank, where the trust has a record, sends its staff to the sanctuary by rotation consistently to gather secret donation and bulk deposits.

In 2019, banks raised the issue with the SSST, saying that cartoons of coins are occupying the space at their branches. Around then, the trust had offered the banks rooms inside the Temple premises to store these coins. Nonetheless, the banks rejected the offer saying rules didn't allow such a plan out of the law.

Exploring Solutions: Modernizing Coin Handling and Collaboration

To overcome this coin conundrum, the Shirdi Temple can explore innovative solutions and collaborations. Some possible approaches include:

Coin Sorting and Counting Machines: Introducing modern coin sorting and counting machines can streamline the process, making it more efficient and less labor-intensive. These machines can accurately and swiftly handle large quantities of coins, reducing the burden on the temple staff.

Collaboration with Financial Institutions: The temple authorities can collaborate with banks and financial institutions to devise a system that allows for the efficient handling of coins. This could involve developing specialized coin deposit centers or establishing partnerships that offer dedicated coin management services.

Digital Payment Alternatives: Encouraging digital payment options, such as online transfers or mobile payment platforms, can help mitigate the reliance on physical coins. This approach would require educating devotees about the convenience and benefits of digital transactions while still respecting their preferences for traditional offerings.

The Shirdi Temple's struggle with managing the surplus of coins poses a unique set of challenges. By embracing innovative solutions and fostering collaborations, the temple authorities can address this issue effectively. Introducing modern coin handling technology, collaborating with financial institutions, and promoting digital payment alternatives are potential avenues to tackle the overflow of coins while maintaining the sanctity of the devotees' offerings.

It is crucial to find a balance that respects tradition while adapting to the evolving needs of the temple and its visitors. By resolving the coin challenge, the Shirdi Temple can ensure smoother operations, enhance the visitor experience, and continue to fulfill its spiritual mission for the millions of devotees who seek solace and blessings within its sacred premises.

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